Translating company websites into English is no easy feat, but it allows you to address a broader audience and perform successfully in international market. However, translation accuracy is essential for success and special care must also be taken to make sure that the translated site retains the same quality of addressing the target audience.


In order to ensure that the translated website will fulfill its purpose, you must pay attention to the following 5 points when translating your company website.


Focus on the audience


Naturally, when it comes to translating websites, you must pay attention to the target language. However, the purpose of translated web pages is to connect to new reader audience, which is something you must keep in mind the entire time.

Namely, people from different cultures might react differently when presented with the same information. This means that a marketing approach that was successful in one country might have a completely different effect in another.

For this reason, you have to establish the main motivator of your target audience when it comes to translating websites – find the best way to address them and know what kind of language they use in their own communication.


Take care of the technical aspect

The foreign language you are translating your website into might have completely different symbols in their alphabet. This means that you must confirm that the platform that your website was built on supports not only additional languages but the specific language that you are translating into.

This is something you’ll want to confirm from the very start in order to avoid problems down the line. You should be prepared to find a different way if your platform doesn’t support a certian language.


Avoid machine translation

As we’ve stated before, your website translation should be adequate and adjusted to the audience you are addressing, which is usually not something a machine translation can achieve. In order to create a quality text in a new language, it has to be written by a human, rather than a machine which is prone to making mistakes, resorting to overly literal translations or solutions that don’t make sense in the context.


Localize your content

In addition to a quality translation, it’s crucial that you localize the content you are translating. Localization ensures that the content will be adapted to the target audience, making it easier to be accepted.
For example, localization might involve replacing currency symols, date or weather formating and similar information. It can also deal with visuals used in the website which also need to be adapted to the target audience.

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