You need translation for certain documents, papers, marketing material, websites or anything else and you’re thinking that this is something you can do yourself. Hm. If you have a comprehensive knowledge of the language, years of work experience in this work and a lot of time on your hands, the answer is most certainly “Yes”. But if not, the best solution is to hire a translation agency and reap the many benefits that this decision will bring you.

The translation agency is your partner

A good translation agency isn’t there just to provide you with translation services. On the contrary, they will get to know you as a client and understand your needs and the problems that you face and become your partner who gives you increasingly more value the longer you cooperate.

The translation agency is there to share your workload and give you the best possible service and a positive experience that will help you reach your goals much more easily.

Fast completion of extensive work assignments

This is definitely one of the most important advantages of working with a translation agency – they have many translators at their disposal and are therefore able to quickly and efficiently translate a large amount of material. At the same time, in addition to swift completion of the task, the agency will guarantee quality, proof-reading and high standards, allowing you to use their translations for any purpose you need without concern.

Specialization and professionalism

Regardless of whether you need technical documentation translated, or maybe literature tied to a specific area of expertise, the translation agency will have translators who have specialized precisely in the area that you need.

Why is this important?

Every area of expertise has its own specific terminology, rules and potential problems that can arise, which you must know, respect and resolve immediately. This is why translators specialize in certain areas.

By expanding their knowledge, they provide accurately translated documents, preventing any possible delay or problem when using them.

All in one place

The translation agency allows you to get solutions for all your translation needs in one place, for any language and with or without a court-interpreter’s seal.

In other words, the agency places at your disposal a great number of experts who, in addition to doing translations, can also advise you on what exactly you need in any specific situation. For example, what requirement a certain document of its kind should fulfill (there’s a difference in whether it will be used to communicate with official institutions of a certain foreign country, or it’s medical documentation, documentation required for studying or job-hunting abroad…).

Also, whether it’s required to revise and/or proof-check the document and if you need spoken translation services, whether it’s better to opt for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation based on the situation.

Saving money

Hiring a translation agency brings many benefits to companies. First and foremost, it saves money. Once a permanent cooperation is established, the price of translating will become lower – don’t forget, a good translation agency is your partner and is there to truly help you and be of use to you.

On the other hand, permanent cooperation also means that you won’t need constant explanations on what exactly you need because your translation agency will already know these things in advance.

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