Hiring a translation agency is a necessary steps in many personal and professional endeavors where high-quality translation is crucial for successful communication. However, there are a number of common mistakes one must keep in mind when selecting their translation agency. We will look at seven most common mistakes that clients make in this process.

Poor familiarity with the target language

One of the biggest mistakes is selecting an agency whose translators are not familiar enough with the target language.

A translation agency must employ professional translators who are native speakers of the language that you need your material translated to. This is the only way to ensure that the translations will be precise and express all needed nuances in meaning.

Lack of specialization

In order to ensure the highest possible translation quality, it’s important to select a translation agency that specializes for translations in your particular industry or domain.

As an example, medical translations require a different terminology than translations of legal or economy texts. An agency that employs translators who specialize in certain areas will better understand your specific requests and adjust their translations accordingly.

Lack of quality control

A translation agency should carry out rigorous quality control checks. This ensures that all the translations are accurate and precise.

In this case, quality control entails that every translation is thoroughly checked by other translators and professional revisors.

Disregarding local cultural differences

In order to truly express the essence of the original document, it is important for the translated document to be adapted to the target culture of the country into which it is being translated, and to respect local differences. This is precisely why a translation agency needs to be aware of the cultural specificities of the target country and take them into consideration during the translation process.

Inadequate use of technology

Using technology such as translation software can be helpful in accelerating the translation process, but it is not enough to ensure impeccable quality of the translation. Therefore, a translation agency may use various software in their work, but this must be done by a team of  translation professionals, in order to ensure accurate translation.

Lack of communication with the client

While translation agencies have expert translators, it may not always have access to experts in the field you are involved in. That is why it is necessary for the translator to ask the client appropriate questions in order to better understand specific requirements and needs. The lack of these information can easily lead to translation errors and create additional problems.

Lack of transparency in pricing.

The last, but not the least important mistake occurs when an agency does not provide transparent pricing for its services. Clients should know the exact cost they will pay for their translation before giving their consent to start the translation process. The agency should explain all the price details, including whether there is an additional charge for urgent tasks, additional proofreading, or customized requirements.

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