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Services we provide:

Translation with a court interpreter’s verification

Professional and experienced court interpreters for foreign languages are at your disposal.

Translation without a court interpreter’s verification

Swift and accurate translations without a court interpreter’s verification with a free price estimation for your translations.

Spoken translations for all languages

Simultaneous, consecutive and spoken translations with a court interpreter present.

Court interpreter for companies

Translations for promotional materials, contract and other business and legal documentation.

Translations for medical documentation.

Translating diagnoses, discharge lists, medical history and more – with or without a court interpreter’s verification.

Translations for documents needed for education abroad.

All translated documents are verified with a court interpreter’s seal.

Translations for documents required for working abroad

Swift and accurate translations to and from any language you need.

Contact us and get a free price estimation for your translations

Supported languages:

Albanian language
Arabic language
Bulgarian language
Czech language
Danish language
English language
Finnish language
French language
Greek language
Hebrew language
Croatian language
Dutch language
Italian language
Japanese language
Chinese language
Korean language
Latin language
Lithuanian language
Latvian language
Macedonian language
Hungarian language
German language
Norwegian language
Persian language
Polish language
Portuguese language
Romanian language
Romani language
Russian language
Slovenian language
Slovakian language
Spanish language
Swedish language
Ukrainian language
Turkish language

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Challenges in translating medical documents

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