Prices for our translation services with and without a court interpreter’s verification

Prices may vary depending on various factor such as language combination, the complexity of the translation, the thematics, amount of work, time of completion and others.

The prices listed apply to most types of content with the usual time of completion (3-5 work days).

Before you send your document for translation, the most important step is to find out which format the translation should be in from the competent institution

The court interpreter can only guarantee the veritability of the translated document that you sent them for translation, whereas any information on how the translation should be delivered to its destination can only come from the competent institution for which you are doing the translation. The first step to your translation is obtaining the accurate and precise information from the competent institution or abroad regarding the format they want the translation to be in.

Every translation is bound with the document that’s being translated. The translation can be bound to the original document, a copy of the original document or a certified copy of the original document.

Only the competent institution that requested the translation can give you this information, seeing how they are the ones who require the translation. If the translation is bound with:

The original – then you must provide the original to the translator so they can bind it with the translation.

A copy – you will deliver a copy of the document that’s being translated and this copy will be. bound with the translation.

A certified copy – before delivering your original document for translation, you must verify a copy of it with the public notary (in which case the notary’s verification is also translated to or from the foreign language along with the document), and only after you’ve done the verification will you deliver the documents for translation. In this case the certified copy will be bound with the translated document.

You should double-check all this information before you deliver the document for translation in the required format.

When it comes to the Apostille seal (the Hague seal for signatory countries of the Hague convention), this seal is not issued by the court interpreter, but only by the court under whose authority the document you are translating was issued. It’s only after this that the document is then translated (except in the case of Italy and Belgium, where the document is translated first and then verified with an Apostille seal). For documents issued in Belgrade, the Apostille seal is issued by the First basic court in Belgrade which is located at 42a Nikole Tesle Boulevard. You can get all required information from them by calling 011/655-724 in order to find out all you need to know regarding Apostille seal verification.

Price list of translation services

A translator’s page has 1.800 characters including spacing.

The prices of the translations in the table applies to most content with the usual completion times of 3-5 workdays. The price for specialized texts is increased depending on their complexity.

We give discounts for regular clients and larger translations.
Prices for urgent translations increase by 20%
If a language you need translations to or from isn’t on our list, or you would like a translation to and from multiple languages or a combination of foreign languages, please contact us for specifics.

Other Services

Interpretation from 9000 RSD / hour.

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