Translating documents required to study abroad

Translating documents for education purposes abroad is done with verification of a court interpreter so you can use all your documents without any concerns.

Translating documents required to study abroad

If you or those close to you plan to study outside of Serbia, the first thing you have to do is have all the required documents translated to the language of the country where you will be attending high-school, college or postgraduate studies. Our agency Alfa translation is the right place where you can translate your testimonials, student’s booklets, diplomas, certificate, seminar or graduation papers and more.

All translated documents required for studying abroad are verified by a court interpreter so you’ll be able to use them without any limits.

Translating documents required for diploma nostrification

Translating documents is also required if you’d like to get nostrification for a diplome you obtained abroad.

In this case, you can begin the nostrification process by having all of your documentation – the diploma, testimonials and/or student’s booklet – translated into Serbian with a court interpreter’s seal. This kind of translation is covered by law about diploma nostrification.

Also, if you’d like to nostrify a diploma you obtained in Serbia abroad, you have to translate all the required documents into the language of the country where you’ll be undergoing the nostrification process.

In addition, translating education-related documents is often needed in order to apply for a visa in many countries and in our agency Alfa translation you can have all those documents translated into any language in one place.

The price of translating documents required for education abroad

The price of translating documents needed to study abroad can vary based on several factors:

  • The number of translator’s pages
  • The language you need translated to or from
  • The time required to finish the translation.

You can see our service prices in our Price list.

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