SaaS as a delivery model for business applications is much more than just a website, as you might already know. As such, SaaS is there to provide the best possible ease of use to the users, which is why localizing your SaaS product can help you reap a lot of benefits.

The importance of localizing your SaaS product

Many SaaS products are developed primarily in English. The logic behind this is that English is the language most commonly understood by the userbase and therefore they won’t have any problems when using the product.

However, this kind of thinking fails to take into account the following facts:
– There are many users who don’t speak English
– The users who do speak English as their second language will be more comfortable using your SaaS in their native language.

You should also keep in mind that localizing your SaaS doesn’t just involve changing the language settings of the application. On the contrary, it runs much deeper and involves everything related to adjusting the SaaS product to a certain region – starting from the language and moving on to the price, the currencies used, user service, specific phrasing in use and more.

What are all the benefits of SaaS localization?

There are numerous advantages to localizing your SaaS product. We will only highlight the three that are most important:

Adjusting to the specific market – every country has its own business specifics and conditions that you should adjust to. This is why both the companies and users want an application that feels familiar to them and speaks to them in a language they can easily and clearly understand. Localizing your SaaS can provide, among many other things, adjustments to your product name and pricing so that your product is more easily and widely accepted.

Better user experience – making the product more accessible and appealing to the consumer is, you will agree, a great advantage over your competition.

Gaining trust – when you place your product in a certain country and people note the effort you’ve put into integrating yourself in their community, culture and value system, they will develop a relationship of trust and respect with you. This is the best possible start to that kind of market approach.

Things to note

If your SaaS product contains parts that weren’t fully translated or there are translation errors, it can negatively impact the users’ mood. This is why you should pay special attention to the following:
– Make sure that there are no incomplete translations
– Check if there are blanks or missing translation segments
– Make sure that all the buttons and drop-down menus have been translated
– Make sure you’ve also localized your content when it comes to images and video materials

Know that SaaS localization is a complex process and you should pay attention to every detail, both regarding the front end and the back end.

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