Court interpreter for companies and businesses

By collaborating with Alfa translation agency, you will have access to a court interpreter for all your company needs, regardless of the language you need translated.

Court interpreter for companies and businesses

Do you work with international business partners? Would you like to expand your business outside of your country? This means that you will need periodic or regular translations for copious amounts of various documentation for every market you’d like to conquer and compete in.

The best way to solve this problem is to hire a court interpreter for companies and businesses with Alfa translation.

What are the benefits of having a court interpreter for companies and businesses?

If you employ a court interpreter in your company, you will have at your disposal a person specialized in just one language. However, by collaborating with Alfa translation, you will have a court interpreter available to your company at all times, regardless of the language or languages you need your documents translated, or the amount of work required.

On the other hand, the employee, regardless of the scope of work or how frequently your company needs them, has to be paid a regular salary.

On the other hand, if you engage a court interpreter from our agency only when you need them, you will gain much more than just saving money. You will get a maximum quality translation from a court interpreter that’s specialized in the area or areas that you need.
So, regardless of whether you need a court interpreter for:

  • Promotional and marketing material
  • Contracts, agreements and business documentation
  • Court procedures abroad
  • Written or spoken translations…

or any other purpose, the court interpreter for companies and businesses at Alfa translation will be your right hand and the person to rely on.

The benefits of cooperating with Alfa translation agency

Of course we guarantee utmost discretion, so all your business information will remain classified and you will avoid any risk.
In addition, we have various benefits for our regular clients when it comes to prices of a court interpreter’s services for companies and businesses and the speed of translations.

The price of engaging a court interpreter for companies and businesses

​The price of engaging a court interpreter for companies and businesses can vary based on several factors:

  • The number of translator’s pages
  • The language you need translated to or from
  • The kind and type of documents being translated
  • The time required to finish the translation.
  • Whether or not there is a need for a court interpreter’s seal

You can see our service prices in our Price list.

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Note: Alfa translation agency guarantees the confidentiality of any information you exchange with your conversation partners when providing the service of spoken translations

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