Medical documentation translation

Translations for medical documentation for the purpose of treatment abroad, translating specifications and directions for use of medication and medical devices. Alfa translation agency.

Medical documentation translation

Medical documentation translation is required for anyone who wants to get treatment abroad, but also those who need translations of medication specifications, clinical studies, medication registration documents, guides for using medical devices and more. However, translating medical documents requires utmost precision. Seeing how the smallest error can potentially lead to massive consequences.

At Alfa translation agency we have experienced professional translators at your disposal who will translate your medical documentation with utmost quality, quickly and at affordable prices.

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Which medical documents can be translated?

When it comes to translating medical documents needed for treatments abroad, usually the following documents need to be translated:

  • Medical diagnoses
  • Discharge lists
  • Medical history
  • Laboratory test results

All of these documents feature many abbreviations and specialized terminology that require the translator to possess specific knowledge of both their native tongue, the foreign language and the medical terminology. This is why any translations of medical documentation should be verified by a court interpreter.

The same goes for medical translations needed for business or scientific purposes. This is the reason why, when you need medical documentation translated, you are always required to bring the original documents for inspection before the court interpreter’s seal can be issued.

The price of translating medical documentation

The price of medical translations can vary based on several factors:

  • The number of translator’s pages
  • The language you need the medical documents translated to or from
  • The time required to finish the translation.

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