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What is a translator’s page?
The translator’s page is determined based on the number of characters in the document and is the base for determining the price of your translation. One translator’s page has 1.800 characters including spacing and between 250-280 words.
What is the price of translations?
The prices for translations are determined based on various factors such as: the combination of languages involved, the complexity of the source material, the amount of work required, the time of completion. Prices in this table apply to most content with the usual time of completion (3-5 workdays).
How long do translations take?
The time required for translations depends on the number of pages being translated, but also on the complexity of work. On average, a court interpreter can translate around seven translation pages per day.
Of course, if you need a translation urgently, multiple translators can be engaged to work on your translation at the same time so that we can minimize the required time of delivery.
Do I have to submit the documents for translation personally?
You can bring your documents to Alfa translation agency personally, or send them by mail, courier service or e-mail. We can also make arrangements for a courier to come to your location and pick up the documents, and then return them and the translation when it’s done.
What is a court interpreter’s verification?
The court interpreter’s verification or Apostille seal means verifying your translated documents so they can be used in international legal systems. This seal is applied to documents issued by state institutions and facilities and it verifies the seal and signature of the public servant on the document. This kind of verification is always needed if you are communicating with official institutions of a state.
Some of the documents that require a court interpreter’s verification include: birth certificates, death certificates, citizenship certificates, wedding certificates, reports on non-conviction, diplomas, testimonials, certificates…
Long-term cooperation with companies
Our agency Alfa translation offers special benefits to companies and businesses that require long-term cooperation for any services that we offer and related services.

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