Designing your website in several different languages is a great way to attract new clientele, considering that  it will address people from different language areas. One of the most important points for these kinds of website is the blog section, seeing how over 60% of consumers state that this type of content had a massive positive influence on them, especially during early stages of the shopping process.


That’s why it comes as no surprise that the question of whether the blog content of a website should be translated or you should hire a native copywriter is very important.


This article will engage this question and list the pros and cons of both practices.


The pros and cons of translating your website articles.


Translating original articles comes with several advantages, especially if done by a  professional translation agency like “Alfa prevod”. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Primarily the fact that you save time and money. Translating a text is faster and more affordable than writing a new one from scratch – but it also guarantees that the translation will be precise and you can be sure it corresponds to the spirit of the target speaking area.
  • Also, translating your texts means that you won’t have to hire individual authors to write new ones. Finding them requires time and effort without any guarantee at the start that you will get quality writers.
  • Translated texts will have the same form as existing ones, meaning that it will be easier to immediately post them on your website.
  • All the social network promoting materials will also be translated along with your text so that everything will immediately be ready to go online at the same time.

On the other hand, translating your texts also may pose certain risks:


If you use machine translation, the translations may lose the spirit of the language which is why it’s important to hire a professional translator.


Differences in sentence length. Each language comes with its own peculiarities so oftentimes a translated sentence will have a different number of words. This is usually not a problem, however, especially on websites, and a professional translator will do everything in their power to minimalize this challenge.

Is it better to hire a native copywriter?


Hiring a native copywriter is an option that requires a significantly greater investment of time and funding, but it also comes with several advantages. These authors will be able to:

  • Suggest themes that are suitable for the target market
  • Find a writing angle that will be closer to the target audience
  • Allow for superior SEO of the text, making them more optimal for internet search engines
  • Offer suggestions regarding the visuals that accompany the text.


However, this approach also comes with its own challenges:

  • It usually takes a lot of time to find an adequate copywriter to suit your needs.
  • Finding suitable topics can become a problem for any writer who isn’t familiar with your area of business.
  • It’s difficult to retain these authors, seeing how they are engaged per project.
  • There can be a communication problem, especially if the authors are outside your time zone.


In conclusion, if you decide to design a multi-lingual website, you should take into consideration all the pros and cons for both options. Bear in mind that if you hire a translation agency, they will become your  business partner and always find an optimal way to give you the services that you need.



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