Millions of websites around the world use WordPress. However, this platform doesn’t come with a built-in feature allowing you to create multilingual websites, which is why add-ins or plugins must be used in order to make it possible.

This article will present several tested multilingual plugins that you can use in your website.



TranslatePress is a plugin that can translate all aspects of your web page. Using it, you can easily switch between languages during translation and each change will immediately be reflected on the website. Another advantage of this plugin is that you can translate content, themes, other add-ins and even metadata without altering the interface itself.

TranslatePress is perfect for manual translations. You can input the translations yourself or assign an adjusted translator user role to anyone without allowing that person access to the administrative panel.

This plugin can also generate SEO adjusted URLs and it comes at a price of a euro for personal licensing.



WPML is one of the most popular multilingual addons for WordPress and it also enables you to translate content, themes, add-ins and much more.
This addition comes in two variants – one for multilingual blogs and another for the multilingual CMS. The second option is needed for e-commerce, page builder support, adjusted fields and other functions.

WPML supports all kinds of posts, taxonomies, adjusted fields and lines generated by your WordPress themes and add-ins. It also allows you to connect your web location with independent providers of translating services. You can select which content requires translation and send it directly to your web location.

The price of the WPML addin for a multi-lingual blog is 29 dollars while the version for multi-lingual CMS is 79 dollars.



Polylang is another powerful add-in that allows simple creation of multilingual or bilingual WordPress pages. It comes with a simple interface that allows you to easily add translations to your posts, pages, adjusted posts, widgets and much more.

Polylang doesn’t come with support for WordPress theme and add-in translation and the basic version doesn’t include support for e-trade, so you will have to buy the premium addon for that. 

Polylang also enables you to create SEO adjusted URLs for every language and it works well with popular WordPress SEO plugins.

The basic version of this addon is free while the pro version costs 99 euro per website.



Weglot is based on cloud technology for web page translation. it works with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce and other platforms.

During adjustments you will have to enter Weglot API in order to connect your WordPress web location to their platform. After that, you will select your language of choice, the web location language and the languages you would like to add.

You will also have to use the Weglot website to translate content, manage your translations and transfer them to your web page.

Other significant functions of this addon also include support for SEO adjusted URL addresses, WooCommerce support, language swap button and much more.

Weglot is a monthly subscription depending on the number of languages and translated words which can amount to more than its competitors. The price for one language and 10.000 words is 8,25eur per month and there is also a plan that supports unlimited languages and 200.000 words for 41eur per month.


Google web translator

The plugin Google Web Translator allows you to use the Google Translate API in order to translate the content of your website. The addon uses the Google Translator button that you can display anywhere in your web location and you must choose the languages you want shown in the language swapper.

The drawback of this addon is that it gives a machine translation for your web pages which means that the translations themselves might be inadequate or too literal.


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