Language is a tool that helps us understand other cultures, solve communication problems and gain new knowledge despite living in different countries.

Learning a foreign language can be fun and it takes us on a new adventure, revealing to us a whole new world. If you would like to undertake this interesting journey, there are free applications you can use to learn a foreign language. These resources can be a huge help in learning a new language at your own pace.

Here is a list of top five free applications for foreign language learning.



This is probably the most famous free language-learning application, currently used by over 100 million people. DuoLingo, as a mobile phone app, owes its success to excellent gamification of the language-learning process as well as the fact that most courses it has to offer have been designed by native language speakers. This way you learn to use the words and phrases in the same way as a native speaker would.

Moreover, unlike many other applications of its kind, DuoLingo wasn’t made only for native English speakers. On the contrary, each of almost 100 courses comes with the ability to select a language other than English as the user’s native language.



With over 200 languages to offer, chances are that MemRise can help you learn your desired language. The free version of the app offers access to the same number of languages as the Pro version, though it limits other functions that are available.

MemRise makes learning  very fun because they use memes instead of standard cue cards that don’t normally give any context. This way, the app keeps your focus even when you have to do repetitions and makes the material easier to learn.



HelloTalk uses an unconventional method of teaching. Instead of selecting ready-made lessons, the app will connect you with native speakers and from there on you can work with them via text and voice messages.

The app itself allows you to correct text messages in real time and there is also a translating tool when you can’t remember a certain word.

In addition to one-on-one conversations with other users, HelloTalk also includes a function that lets you publish a post and immediately engage with an entire community of native speakers. It’s a great way to get answers to your questions quickly or publish an update on your progress.



With only 15 languages to offer, Babbel does have a smaller scope compared to other apps on this list. However, Babbel utilizes tested language-learning techniques that were proven to be effective and it includes the ability to download learning materials for offline work. Though the free version of the app doesn’t give you access to all of the app’s content, it still allows you to access and use 40 lessons which is much more than many other apps with free and paid versions.

The first lessons in Babbel start off by building the user’s vocabulary through images and repetition and then leads them to use those words in dialogue and common phrases. The more you advance, the more difficult examples the app will teach you, all with the goal of preparing you to communicate in the foreign language as soon as possible.



Busuu also has a free and premium version, but it’s worth mentioning that they offer relatively little content to the users for free. However, the free content they do offer includes interactive exercises and quizzes that are designed to be engaging and efficient.

What’s important for the paid version is that it allows you to gain knowledge level certificates for the exams and levels you pass.


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