Have you made a video game and would now like to launch it in international markets? This is the most logical course of action if you’d like to monetize your efforts in the best possible way. However, in order for this project to be successful, you need to have your video game translated and localized so that it’s adjusted to the target markets and you can attract more buyers and increase your profits.


Important things to note when localizing your video game


When performing a localization of your game, it’s important to pay attention to the following points which can be of crucial importance:

  • Translating all the written text in your video game, including user interface. This step might seem basic, but accurate translation is crucial for successful localization.
  • Localize all the spoken lines in your game. This way, your application will be adjusted to the players in the country or countries you are targeting.
  • Localize all the game story script element, including character names, location names, weapons, graphical elements and other components. By localizing each of these aspects, the game will provide a much better user experience to the players.
  • Adjust cultural references in your game if there are any. A person in the US will easily understand a reference to the Empire State Building, but they might not know the meaning of something like “Beogradjanka”.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to detail. This includes localizing dates, units of measurement and addresses.
  • Localize all technical components such as text, coding and marketing elements including posters, packaging and web locations.
  • Translate instructions and other information that is meant to guide the user through the game.


What are the advantages of localization?

The process of localization and translating an entire game might seem daunting, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. The list of successful games is very long and all of them have one thing in common – their sales went up after they were translated and localized.


In other words, there are many advantages to translating your video game:

  • Increase in sales. Presenting at a global market means that you are targeting a much larger audience full of potential buyers. By translating your game, you will drastically increase the chance of purchase.
  • Increased number of downloads. Along with increased sales, your game will experience an increased number of downloads, making it more popular.
  • Better competitiveness. The more markets you localize your game in, the better advantage you will have over your competitors who didn’t do the same.
  • Better rating in the app store. All that we’ve listed will lead to your game being better positioned in online game stores, which will further increase sales.

Keep in mind that it is estimated that the video game market will surpass 200 billion dollars in year 2023, which means that now is the time to translate your game and offer it to the international market. If you’d like your game to be translated quickly, reliably and with quality,  “Alfa prevod” agency is at your service. Contact us and take advantage of our extensive experience, knowledge and quality when it comes to translating video games.

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