The internet is full of tales from individuals, companies and organizations who used a friend or family member’s help to translate their documents and materials, or simply used Google Translate – only to end up regretting it very quickly. They have all learned the hard way that just because someone learned a foreign language in school and can “use” it, that doesn’t make them a good translator.

Therefore, if you wish to be successful when communicating with your partners and clients, if you wish to be properly understood and to present yourself in the best possible light, allowing amateurs to do your translations is an unnecessary risk that can cost you dearly. Therefore, working with professional translators isn’t an unnecessary expense, but rather an investment that will bring you many benefits. This is why we have compiled 5 main reasons why you should hire professional translators.

You will get high-quality translations

When you hire a professional translation agency, you can be sure that you will get a quality translation of all your documents and material, which you can then use for your needs immediately.

The point is that professional translators possess not only the required expertise to perform translation-related tasks, but also the required experience that allows them to note subtle differences, especially in specific professional terminology. In these cases, even the slightest mistake can lead to losing the intended context or message of the translation.

Translation term database

Through all the projects that they work on, professional translators create their own information database of specific and complex terms and phrases that they encounter. This practice allows them to provide, in addition to precision and quality, the best possible translation speed.

On the other hand, when you hire a translation agency, especially when the translations of your documents and materials should be done in multiple different languages, these databases allow the team of translators to create translations that are consistent with one another and reliable, so that the message of the translation is clear and understood no matter what language it is read in.

Cultural awareness

A good translation surpasses the simple act of transferring the text from one language to the other. Professional translators also have a comprehensive understanding of the culture of the translated language which is incredibly important seeing how it often happens that certain phrases don’t have a direct translation from one language to the other. This is especially the case when translating texts that speak of certain habits or practices that are specific to a certain country. For example, the term “krsna slava” (family Patron Saint’s day) which is a foreign concept for Germanic languages.

Continuous research

All professional translators share a certain trait that greatly helps them in their work – they are perfectionists.

What does that mean for you?

It means that when they encounter a “sensitive” word, phrase or sentence that isn’t common and could be especially significant (we know that ambiguous phrases tend to be the most important), they won’t just translate it so it makes sense. On the contrary, a professional translator will do their research, consult with colleagues and people who specialize in the field of the translated material in order to determine what the problematic phrase really means.

More than just language experts

Professional translators, and especially court interpreters, are not just people with comprehensive knowledge of a certain foreign language. They also have a lot of experience in certain fields of expertise. For example, an economist who is also a court interpreter for a certain language will specialize in translating documents in their area of expertise, seeing how they possess all the necessary knowledge.

The same applies to people in the medical field, the IT field and the like. This way they ensure the maximum quality and speed of the translations.

Make sure you reap all these benefits

It’s clear that hiring a professional translator will save you from many problems and risks. That’s why our translation agency Alfa translation is there for you, regardless of whether you need translations for documents or other material for private or business purposes or whether you are a business or an individual.

Contact us, and we will provide not only the best possible translations but also all the help and information you might need.

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