If you want to travel to Great Britain, you’ll have to obtain the UK visa. In order to submit a request for this visa, you should gather certain documents which must then be translated into English and verified with a court interpreter’s seal.

Things to note when submitting your request for a UK visa

The criteria for obtaining a UK visa are very strict, which is why we recommend special attention to every detail.

Your document translations should have a court interpreter’s verification and be flawless. No errors, no matter how small – a missing comma, use of an incorrect term, grammar or spelling errors or  anything else – can lead to rejection, which is something you don’t want to experience.

This is why it’s very important that you hire a court interpreter for English to translate all your documents required for a UK visa.

Of course, the challenges don’t end there. Unfortunately the steps required to obtain the UK visa are not clearly defined and the officials at the embassy often broadly interpret them and give you a list of documents and papers that you are ADVISED to bring – of course both the original documents and their translations verified by a court interpreter.

Of course the most important documents are those that guarantee in no uncertain terms that you have good and compelling reasons to come back to Serbia. This includes proof of permanent employment, proof that you own real estate in your name, bank report of your account balance, wedding certificate or proof of family bonds (that you have children, spouses or parents that you’ll return for) etc.

Which documents should be provided and translated into English in order to obtain a UK visa?

Like we already said, there is no single list. The list that follows is based on prior experiences of our court interpreters and their clients.

The following items were sorted according to the status of the visa applicant. However, everyone should obtain and provide the following basic articles:

  • 2 photographs in 3,5×4,5cm format on a white background. The photos should be recent.
  • A valid passport that should still be valid for 6 months after returning from Great Britain.
  • A filled out request form for the UK visa which is obtained at the agency or can be downloaded from the UK Visas and immigration website (www.gov.uk).
  • A foreign exchange certificate from the bank for the amount of 100eur for every day of stay in Great Britain. If this certificate is issued to you in Serbian, you should also have a translation of it, verified by a court interpreter.

Employed persons should also provide:

  • A certificate of employment on company memorandum with your income report, work position, duration of employment and vacation days listed.
  • A copy of your work booklet (original must be provided for inspection)
  • A report on your bank account for the last six months.
    Of course, all of the above should be translated to English and verified via court interpreter’s seal.

If you own a private business, you should also submit:

  • A copy of the decision verifying the founding of your company
  • A statement on paid tax in the last quarter
  • A bank statement on the company account’s traffic for the past six months.
    We will note again that these documents should also all be translated to English and have a court interpreter’s seal.

If you are a pensioner:

  • The last check from your pension with a verified statement in English.

If you are a college student:

  • A statement from your faculty in faculty memorandum
  • A copy of the first page of your index, your last verified semester and all the exams you’ve passed that are in your index. (original is brought to the embassy for inspection)
    All the permits should come with a verified English translation

If you are a school student:

  • Statement from your school
  • A photocopy of your student’s booklet (original is brought to the embassy for inspection)
  • A statement from the parents that they are supporting the student and will cover all the expenses of their travel which must be previously verified with their municipality or in court.
  • A copy of your birth certificate in international format.
  • Consent from both parents if the student is traveling without one or both of them – verified at their municipality or in court
  • If the child is traveling alone, the complete documentation of at least one parent is required.
    Of course, all these documents should be translated and verified by a court interpreter for English in order to obtain the UK visa.

If you are a dependent:

  • A statement of support written by the spouse and verified in their municipality or court.
  • Full documentation of the spouse
  • A copy of their marriage certificate in international format

All translated to English and verified by a court interpreter

For children younger than 7 years of age:

  • A copy of their birth certificate in international format.
  • Consent of the second parent if the child is traveling with one parent, or consent of both parents if the child is traveling without either of them, verified with their municipality or in court.

All documents must be translated and verified by a court interpreter.

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